Glimpse consists of four short plays, written by Thomas Everchild and performed by Philippa Hammond over two nights, two plays per night. I saw An Honorary Man, about Hypatia, director of the Library of Alexandria in AD 415, and Turning the Handle, set in the 1920s. This is a sort of Talking Heads, but with characters rather different from those who inhabit Alan Bennett’s world! Hypatia is “an honorary man”, and for that she is accused, by the Christians who are now the power in the Empire of Rome, of being a whore. In Turning the Handle a very proper gentlewoman “of a certain age” talks about her early experiences as an actress in “mutographs”. It is only slowly we realise that these mutographs are not early silent movies, but the What the Butler Saw machines in fairgrounds and that what she was actually doing was appearing in Edwardian pornography. Two contrasting pieces which Philippa Hammond handles very well, expressing the pain of Hypatia and revealing the total innocence of the Edwardian lady in an entertaining and amusing way.

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