Photograph Thomas Bertie Taylor

Photograph Thomas Bertie Taylor

Philippa Hammond

Actor and Voice Artist

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The Comedy of Errors


Thomas Everchild

… Hammond is superbly-voiced … and is one of those who finds all eyes on her when she requires it … gravitas, vocal clarity and projection … Highly Recommended Show

Simon Jenner – Fringe Review

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Cast Iron: A Pro of Nothing

Last Supper

Mary Wollstonecraft played by Philippa Hammond … sharp humour and wit and joy … Recommended Show

Olivia Sewell – Fringe Review

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Glimpse [Quartet]

A hit from the Edinburgh Fringe festival

Drama, suspense and genuine laughs

Spins a tale which reels the audience in as the dimensions unfold

Hammond expertly places her audience in the scene, deftly moving across centuries and cultures as she embodies the mind and motivations of four women

These women have stories which demonstrate a survival of spirit even when the odds are stacked against them

Hammond senses her character in every movement, her gait falling into louche photographic poses

What begins as comic book cliché becomes a plot of love, jealousy, paranoia and missing persons befitting a pulp detective paperback, with its deadly twist on the last page

Everchild’s understated writing becomes increasingly comic

Glimpse is graspable, engrossing and very entertaining

Lyndsey Winship – The Argus

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Glimpse [Two plays]
Little Girls Like To Kiss

Backstage Whispers

Cracks in the cool, sassy facade grow and meet, forming a portrait of paranoia

Hammond herself twists with the plot her character reports; first manipulative and catty, then desperate and cornered

This brings out Hammond’s best – understated and impressively controlled

Sense of command in script and acting

Hammond excels

Jokes are sharp and entertaining

Glimpse is impressive, and well-named; fleeting moments of subtle theatrical insight

James Kirkup – The Scotsman

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Glimpse [Two Plays]
An Honorary Man
Turning the Handle

Hammond is served well by two three-dimensional, literate and dramatic scripts written by Thomas Everchild and she displays brilliant talent in interpreting them for us

It is spellbinding and entertaining, heart rending and humorous

An hour was all too short

Roderick Graham – The Scotsman

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Glimpse [Two Plays]
An Honorary Man
Turning the Handle

Two contrasting pieces which Philippa Hammond handles very well, expressing the pain of Hypatia and revealing the total innocence of the Edwardian lady in an entertaining and amusing way

Anon – The British Theatre Guide

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Glimpse [Single Play]
Turning the Handle

A charming solo turn, written and directed to be beautifully out of kilter by Thomas Everchild

Louise Schweitzer – The Argus

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The Neverland Singularity

Philippa Hammond is beautifully priggish

Hammond does a fine job of registering off-hand impatience gradually assaulted by Everchild’s gift of chirpy petulance, nagging and irritating Hammond into losing her temper but not her reason

A perfect ten-minute play

Simon Jenner – Sussex Playwrights Reviews

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The Neverland Singularity

Extremely good comedy

Barrie Jerram – The Argus

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Protect and Survive

**** Fringe Guru

Director Cat – under the guise of briefing her actors – fills us in on exactly how radiation poisoning eats the human body from inside. This has to rank as one of the smartest devices I’ve ever seen at the Fringe.

Uncompromising, and powerfully delivered by a uniformly compelling cast

Surprising to note that Protect and Survive is also a witty, enjoyable show

Richard Stamp – Fringe Guru

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Protect and Survive

‘Recommended’ Fringe Review

Hammond’s Director Cat is … a perfectly-cast, cast-ingot actor, managing actor panic, sponsorship crises and sexual intrigue

Her exchanges with Ashley are a high-point of naturalistic dialogue and wit

Cat exudes quick-witted, sure-footed poise

Intriguing, often beautifully produced and certainly consummately-acted work

Fringe Review – Simon Jenner

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Fanny Hill

Deliciously risque play makes lust a big laugh

Actress Philippa Hammond is instantly likeable as the much-sought-after Fanny, and brings an unexpected grace and vulnerability to the character

Afterthought Productions have a scorcher of a show on their hands with this one. It’s sure to be a hit with Fringe audiences.

Get your ticket now, because Fanny Hill is going to sell out

Liam Rudden – Edinburgh Evening News

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Fanny Hill

The Madames, rakes, fops and sailors of this time are wonderfully evoked and the erotic adventures and encounters of our heroine vividly realised

That Philippa Hammond, in the role of Fanny, can narrate at the same time as simulating a good back-alley rogering is remarkable

This is a genuinely good production. It is adult and includes a good deal of nudity though nothing too explicit; it’s very rude, often funny, but without ever descending into bad taste

Fringe drama doesn’t come any more stimulating than this

Ross Holloway – The List

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Fanny Hill

Hugely enjoyable bawdy romp

The play is packed with erotic adventures of all shapes and sizes nailed by a versatile cast which delights in taking many parts, dropping many breeches and lifting many skirts

It’s deliciously naughty and well worth staying up for

Jane-Ann Purdy – The Scotsman

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A Midsummer Night’s Madness

Philippa Hammond, outstanding as a Helena who glints words

Simon Jenner – The Whistler

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