Brighton Fringe 2019

TBC Audio presents

The Other 1% Monologues

Protect & Survive

Imagine what life is like in Brighton following a nuclear strike on the UK? The chaos, the anguish, the resilience… What would you do to survive?

There are survivors. These are their stories.

A series of 5 monologues take you on a journey from the day before to 6 months after the nuclear attack.

Featuring an all-Brighton cast, producer, director, and written by several local playwrights. A TBC Audio Production for The Tablet Book Company.

I was proud to play the Pig Farmer in Day Zero + 120, by Simon Jenner, which you can also listen to here
Protect and Survive began as an on-stage drama during the 2017 Brighton Fringe. Review Review
It then evolved into an audio drama series, a short film, a book … where next?


The Other 1% Monologues

Protect & Survive

An installation at Jubilee Library, Brighton.

Grab a seat, pick up the telephone and dial a number to listen to a Protect & Survive podcast monologue (or all 9 of them) or watch the Day Zero video.

Until Saturday 18 May as part of Brighton Fringe.