Romeo and Juliet
Afterthought Theatre Shakespeare

Roz Scott reviews for Fringe Guru:

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‘This charming version of the classic teenage romance offers fine characterisation, and lots of fun besides … 

‘This production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet will not fail to charm. Every actor gets inside the skin of their character, and their zest for life is evident from the first scene of this love story set in Verona…

‘Playing Juliet, Olivia Sewell has great presence and passion … sincere and courageous …’

‘John Black is convincingly earnest as Romeo, always love struck, consumed by Cupid’s arrows to the heart …’

‘The high standard of acting is supported by excellent direction from Thomas Everchild …’

‘I recommend this production of Romeo and Juliet without reservation, and I will look out for further productions by Afterthought Theatre. It’s professional, true to the original text, and fun for all involved. Expect a teenage romance and you won’t be disappointed.’

Real the full review here


As co-founders of Afterthought Theatre Shakespeare, Thomas Everchild and I presented a new production of Romeo and Juliet for October 2018 as part of Shoreham Wordfest

From the brochure

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet was one of his most popular works during his lifetime, and remains one of the world’s best-loved plays.

This timeless tale of star-crossed lovers comes to Autumn Wordfest in October in a family-friendly production by Afterthought Theatre, whose Edinburgh productions consistently collected four and five star reviews.

Directed by Thomas Everchild (who has written comedy for BBC radio and recently directed productions for Steaming Ltd, TBC Audio and Arts Council England)

Co-produced by Philippa Hammond (recently seen at Wordfest and Brighton Open Air Theatre as the Abbess in The Comedy of Errors)

Fight direction by Jack Kristiansen

Afterthought Theatre’s previous work includes:

Glimpse by Thomas Everchild: ‘Spellbinding and entertaining, heart rending and humorous’ ****
The Scotsman

Fanny Hill adapted by Thomas Everchild: ‘Hugely enjoyable’ **** The Scotsman

The Engagement by James Alexander Allen: ‘Love against unimaginable odds’ [Must See Show] Fringe Review

Our cast:

Our assembled company of actors’ Shakespearian credits include The Comedy of Errors, A Midsummer Nights Dream and Macbeth.

Olivia Sewell as Juliet

John Black as Romeo

Tom Dussek as Capulet

Sophie Flack as Lady Capulet

Murray Simon as Montague / Paris

Jack Kristiansen as Mercutio / Friar John

Philippa Hammond as Princess of Verona / Apothecary

Sophie Methuen Turner as Nurse

Robert Cohen as Friar Laurence / Tybalt

Ben Baeza as Benvolio

Produced and directed by Thomas Everchild

Fight direction by Jack Kristiansen


Show photography by Tim Pieraccini

Rehearsal and production photography by Philippa Hammond

Graphic design by Thomas Everchild

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