Well, it’s been quite a year!

The Girl From Helena Prime

December saw the end of a two year journey for the Doctor Who fan fiction audio drama series Tales of a Timelord – I played Valar for the last time in ‘The Girl From Helena Prime,’

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJ5FTj7vvco

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCEUHH5NEW8

Can’t Bear Christmas Without You

I was the Ex in this music video for The Bazmick Brothers’ new Christmas single.


Protect & Survive: Day Zero + 120

My collaboration with TBC Audio continues, as the Farmer in the monologue ‘Protect & Survive: Day Zero + 120’ (audio drama).
England after a nuclear strike. Six months on, and there are some survivors. Including the Farmer – and her pigs …

‘Fantastic performance’’ Simon Moorhead (producer/director)
‘Wonderful burr and her variety of pacing and delivery is a delight’ Simon Jenner (playwright)


Romeo and Juliet

With Thomas Everchild and Afterthought Theatre Shakespeare, I produced and costumed a new production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for Shoreham Wordfest,and played the Princess of Verona, Chorus and Apothecary.

Fringe Guru’s review

The Leading Man

I worked with the writer Eugene Doyen to present a public reading of his new full length drama; ‘The Leading Man’, inspired by the life of Dirk Bogarde. In addition to advising on casting and promoting the event, I played Deborah, the film star’s agent.


The Comedy Of Errors

I joined Brighton Shakespeare Company for their summer production of ‘The Comedy Of Errors’, first at Shoreham Wordfest then at Brighton Open Air Theatre.

‘Philippa Hammond … gravitas, vocal clarity and projection … superbly-voiced … finds all eyes on her when she requires it.’ Fringe Review


Audio Dramas

I co-produced and appeared in a pair of audio dramas for Sussex Playwrights; ‘Rock & Chips’ and ‘Storm In A League Cup’. These runners-up in the latest Constance Cox Prize Playwrighting Competition are in post-production, and together with the winning play ‘The Teaswell Incident’ will feature on the Sussex Playwrights podcast when it launches in 2019.

The Madness of the March Hare

I appeared in three episodes in the new audio drama series ‘The Other 1% for TBC Audio.’

‘…a big thank you for all of your work last Sunday. I loved your performances in the various roles across the plays. As always it was a pleasure to work with you.’ Simon Moorhead, producer TBC Audio.

Hear me in the first episode, ‘The Madness of the March Hare

Last Supper

I played the ghost of the mother of feminism in ‘Last Supper’ (theatre) for Cast Iron’s A Pro of Nothing evening of short plays.

‘Mary Wollstonecraft played by Philippa Hammond … sharp humour and wit and joy …’ Fringe Review

Full review here

The World That Shouldn’t Be

In an earlier Tales of a Timelord adventure for the Doctor, I played Quetza in the sci fi audio feature ‘The World That Shouldn’t Be.’

‘ … you sound SO SO bad ass. You’re defo our scariest chracter to date, You’re scarier than the daleks! … ‘ says the director.

You can hear all the Doctor and Maria’s previous adventures here

The Engagement

Sussex Playwrights featured my rehearsed reading of the new play ‘The Engagement’. I directed and played Luanne in this staged reading (the play went on to be a hit at the Hove Grown festival in a new production from Steaming Ltd, directed by Thomas Everchild).

‘ … this is the finest SPC production of a rehearsed reading I’ve seen … ‘ says Simon Jenner

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Next: Delicacy

I’m about to perform and record ‘Delicacy’, a new monologue for The Other 1%.

Ortolan is a cult chef on the dark web …

Next: Shadows of Xanthe

We’re in preparation for ‘Shadows of Xanthe’, a new online drama series by Judy Upton. News as it comes.