Revisiting our 2017 Brighton Fringe theme – post nuclear England – with TBC Audio.

Listen to the solo play Protect and Survive – Day Zero + One Hundred and Twenty

by Simon Jenner

‘Simon Jenner’s writing was visceral and bleak, yet also poetic and lyrical … ‘ Judy Upton

The near future: England has been hit by a nuclear strike.

Six months in, and there are some survivors.

Including the Farmer … and her pigs …

Performed by Philippa Hammond

‘Fantastic performance … ‘ [Simon Moorhead]

‘Her variety of pacing and delivery is a delight … ‘ ‘ … how consummately Hammond realised the de-humanized farmer’s shaft of humanity after a gruff of brutally realist touches. She’s already recorded it and it was a delight to hear this pitch-perfect Sussex drawl re-enacted by Hammond, who’s sovereign in such roles… ‘ [Simon Jenner]

Written by Simon Jenner

Produced by Simon Moorhead

Introduction performed by Amy Sutton

We previewed several episodes at the October Sussex Playwrights meeting:

‘Philippa Hammond performed a reading of this new short monologue, which is part of the ‘Protect and Survive’ audio series, currently in production by TBC Audio, produced by Simon Moorhead. 120 days after a nuclear strike on Britain, a tenacious and resourceful farmer holds on and tries to survive, despite losing family members to radiation sickness. The Downs are no longer fit to grow vegetables or crops and the pigs are being reared on the only food available to them – the rotting human corpses that litter the countryside. Piglets are being born with two heads, but as the farmer ruefully remarks, in a time of famine “two heads are better than one.” Audience members remarked on the accuracy of the grim circumstances depicted, being similar to events reported after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Simon Jenner’s writing was visceral and bleak, yet also poetic and lyrical. Delivered by Philippa in a stoical, light Dorset burr, it reminded me of the scenes of harsh winter harvesting in Thomas Hardy’s ‘Tess Of The D’Urbervilles’.

Judy Upton