A new feature length audio drama by Jonathan Williamson

The true story of the West Ham Pals – the football supporters’ club who went to war together in 1915

A group of lads from the West Ham football team fan club go to war together, fired by all the excitement and goaded by mocking women to take the plunge and join up. Nothing can prepare them for what they’ll face.

The storytelling writing style blends surprisingly intimate and confiding gentle moments of quiet with the grim reality of war. Larky lads giggling and teasing the enemy one moment, victims of conflict the next, throughout it all the game brings them and keeps them together with a real sense of immediacy and friendship.

The evocative soundscape and natural, conversational performances, especially Paul Moriarty’s seasoned soldier charged with turning boys into warriors, conjure lasting images.

It was a pleasure to play a small part in creating The Tablet Book Company’s haunting new audio feature.

Philippa Hammond

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